Weekly and Biweekly Mowing

Why is WEEKLY lawn maintenance better for your yard?

Have you ever wondered why you really need to have your lawn mowed each week? Well you are not the only one to wonder, and we like our customers to better understand their lawns and how to obtain lush green grass!

Weekly service

There are many reasons to mow your lawn on a weekly basis. First and foremost is that a healthy lawn keeps weeds away! Mowing grass weekly keeps your lawn stress free, and does not cut/prune too much off the blade of grass at a time. This will allow your grass to grow in thicker and healthier. If your grass goes too long between mowing, it gets stressed out, suffocating the bottom part of the blade of grass. This will result in thin and weak grass and will allow weeds to germinate and sprout.

We use commercial mowers and regularly sharpened blades to leave our customers with a clean cut. We also use a metal blade edger to provide the clean edge along your sidewalks.

Bi-weekly service

As bi-weekly mowing might seem like the economical option, it is definitely not the healthiest option for your lawn. Waiting 14 days between mowing not only stresses out and weakens your grass, it will also leave your lawn susceptible to weeds and disease. In addition, cutting too much off your grass will result in clumps and an uneven mow. For the above reasons, we do charge a premium for bi-weekly mowing service. We often need to double cut the grass in order to prevent the clumping and guarantee a nice looking lawn.

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